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Füsun Ertuğ 2003 Gendering the Tradition of Plant Gathering in Central Anatolia (Turkey), P. L. Howard (Ed.), Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation , pp. 183-196, Zed Books, London.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Zed Books (October 10, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 1842771574

Table of contents:
Foreword Women and the Plant World--Patricia L. Howard *
Part 1: Culture, Kitchen and Conservation * Women in the Garden and Kitchen--Laurie S.Z. Greenberg * Wild Food Plants and Arbëresh Women in Lucania, Southern Italy--Andrea Pieroni * Women and "Wild" Foods--Ephrosine Daniggelis *
Part 2: Gender Relations, Women's Rights, and Plant Management * Farm Women's Rights and Roles in Wild Plant Food Gathering and Management in Northeast Thailand-- Lisa Leimar Price * Gender and Entitlements in the Zimbabwean Woodlands--Allison Goebel *
Part 3: Gendered Plant Knowledge in Science and Society * "Passing on the News"--Nancy Turner * The Invisible Queen in the Plant Kingdom--Brij Kothari * The Gender of Crops in the Papua New Guinea Highlands--Paul Sillitoe *
Part 4: Plants, Women's Status and Welfare * Gendering the Tradition of Plant Gatherng in Central Anatolia (Turkey)--Füsun Ertug * The Basket-Makers of the Central California Interior--Linda Dick Bissonnette * Exchange, Patriarchy and Status--Margot Wilson *
Part 5: Gender, Biodiversity Loss and Conservation * Losing Ground--Stephen Wooten * Modernization and Gender Dynamics in the Loss of Agrobiodiversity in Swaziland's Food System--Millicent Malaza * Arawakan Women and the Erosian of Traditional Food Production in Amazonas Venezuela--Shirley Hoffmann * Women and Maize Breeding--Yiching Song & Janice Jiggins

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